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EnduraGain® OSP Shielded Cat6A Cable (04-001-A4)


Product Description

Superior Essex EnduraGain® OSP Shielded Cat6A cable is a robust category 6A cable designed to for situations where the NEC code requires an OSP-rated cable when it is in contact with earth, whether in a conduit or not. The cable consists of four (4) balanced twisted pairs surrounded by Superior Essex PFM™ gel that does not drip or flow, even in cell tower applications at elevated temperatures. The jacketed core is covered with dry block and an 8 mil aluminum tape shield providing exceptional Alien Crosstalk (AXT) performance. The outer jacket is OSP-grade black, polyethylene for superior sunlight and abrasion resistance. This shielded design is suitable for the following deployments: duct, underground conduit, tower, lashed aerial or open trench.

  • Transmission performance characterized to 500 MHz - Assures ample overhead for reliable transmission in an OSP-rated cable allowing extension of the premises LAN
  • 8 mil aluminum tape shield - Rugged shield provides protection against EMI/RFI
  • Dry block between shield and inner jacket - Prevents water ingress between shield and inner cable preventing damage to equipment
  • PFM gel-filled core construction - Prevents intrusion of moisture and easily wipes clean during installation
  • OSP-grade black polyethylene jacket - Outside plant rated cable for years of reliable performance
  • ColorTip® circuit identification system - Easily identifiable conductor mates even in low-light environments


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